Chinese New Year Goodies- Bak Kwa or BBQ Pork Slices, Pineapple Tarts, Kuih Bangkit...which is your favorite?

My favorite(s) happened to be Bak Kwa and Sugee Cookies. When I was back in S'pore, I had my bak kwa fix (sorry *oink oink*, though it's your year, you are too delicious when BBQ-ed and charcoal-ed over the grill that I had to eat you). No "branded" bak kwa (such as Bee Cheng Hiang, and Lim Chee Guan) this year. My mum bought some unknown brand (think it's known, just that I've forgotten the name...uh-oh!) and it was surprisingly quite tasty and of the right texture.

Clockwise from left: Bak Kwa or BBQ pork slices, pineapple tarts(in yet another shape), and melt-in-the-mouth Kuih Bangkit

I almost emptied all! To eat these while watching TV pgms is how you can unknowingly finish all of them!

Kuih lapis (layer cake) is another CNY goodie (cake) that is popular. This is a rich kuih consisting of thin alternating layers made of butter, eggs and sugar, piled on top of each other. Each layer is laid down and baked separately, making the creation of a kueh lapis an extremely laborious and time-consuming process.

A chain of Chinese New Year goodies of sweets, cookies, tarts, cakes, etc. - the list is almost as long as THE CHAIN GANG. Sorry sorry, eastcoastlife, I accidentally published the post in my other not-so-frequented blog. *Kok Kok*, *Kok Kok*, ouch! Please don't scold me (since it's Chinese New Year, ok?).

As I was constantly reminded NOT TO BREAK the chain (or I'll be down with bad luck for the entire year such as getting spanked after the 15th of the Chinese New Year), let me re-post this.

1) Create a new post on your blog.
2) Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below.Make sure the links are active and correct.
3) Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (Optional)
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5) Do not include your own blog link on the list in your post since this isn’t about self-promotion.
6) Make sure that all links are copied intact.
7) Publish the Post.

People will notice the incoming links, and hopefully write their own z-list posts. The result will be that we all get more links pointing to our blogs, and more readers - and a higher Page Rank!

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