Shiokingly good Singapore - Season 2 begins with a lavish seafood galore

When it was ~End of Season 1~ in Shiokingly good Singapore series , it was not difficult to guess the making of Season 2. If you are craving for those SouthEast Asian food and hawker fare right now, I suggest you do not click this, this, this, this, and this of Season 1. Do it at your own risk!

Season 2 marks some new eats (unaccomplished eating tasks in Season 1) and some "re-eats" (since there are usually a few classic and signature dishes we would return to the same stall for, always, and always...because it's just...GOOD!). Of course, there are some food/dishes that have shunned the camera lens, either I was too fast, or the camera was too slow. I'll be breaking up Season 2 into 8 to 9 parts, in between the usual blog posts (since I've now back in California, have to re-open my kitchen, and need to slowly build up the cooking momentum once again).
Do tune in!

This is only the beginning.

We touched down at about noon on Sunday, and on the very night, parents brought us to dinner in Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant @ Forum Galleria. Though we would rather go for hawker fare, parents wanted to have a family dinner of some new year dishes. These are just some of the dishes :

Some kind of clams(not sure what kind), steamed with garlic, ginger, spring onions

Lightly battered cod fish- light and crispy

Lobster noodle

Rice with waxed meat (腊味饭 )

Seems that only the steamed rice with waxed meat(腊味饭 ) seems to be CNY-ish , huh? I would rather call this a seafood galore dinner. Does not matter. All the food were just simply delicious.

Jade Palance Seafood Restaurant
#B1-13 Forum Galleria
Singapore 238884
Price: $$$$
Taste index:

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