Shiokingly good Singapore (Season2) Part 2 - Chicken rice, and an unsatisfied me

I have new updates in my other blog posts here and here. If you are also interested in other bits of life (other than food), do check it out. But food is still my first love.

I came to Maxwell Food Center, hoping to try the highly reputable chicken rice (think it's called Tian Tian) but I could not find the stall @#$%*&^%$. Did I go to the wrong place ? I should have checked. Sigh. Should have just gone back to Yet Con @ Purvis Street for the chicken rice.

Since I was there, I must as well EAT...other things.

Carrot cake (black-fried with sweet sauce) - Chai Tow Kway 炒黑的 !

Not so nice fishball mee pok. This is nicer.

Peanut pancake. I forgot what is this called in Mandarin. Can someone tell me ? This used to be a crispy and thin kind-of-pancake (like a super cripsy crepe) in which the peanut bits and sugar are the fillers- called Mi Chiam Kueh (in Hokkien). Usually only see the soft version now.

Fried dough with sweet filling (also comes in savory version) -Hum Chee Peng(in Hokkien)

Red bean filling inside the sweet Hum Chee Peng

Need I say ? Of course, I was not satisfied because I did not have my chicken rice fix! The rest of the food was just ok. Nothing to rave about.

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