Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V can make egg tarts !

Me: I don't bake at all.
Curiosity: Why ? Is it because you don't measure ingredients carefully (just like Rachael Ray) ?
Me: Well, I don't know but I think so. I don't measure exact to the letter; and in baking, if I don't follow exact to the letter, it will turn out diasastrous! Even Simcooks said "Baking is a science".
Curiosity: Is that true ? But you're so used to science experiments.
Me: Nah...I don't have the right baking equipment, no electric blender.
Curiosity: That's no excuse. Buddingcook did not have it too, and she baked.
Me: Ok, ok, stop bugging me. I will do it. Rasa Malaysia, this is a "Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V" of your egg tart recipe. "Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V", but (as usual) still have to make changes -
I have to DELETE "12" and make it "6" for number of egg tarts;
FIND "sugar" and REPLACE with "brown cane sugar" as I did not have (normal) sugar in my pantry;
Also, had to FIND "electric blender" and REPLACE with "whisk by fork"; plus
Hit the F4 (repeat action) on straining;
As I'm making only six, I BACKSPACE everything to half (just in case of hiccups that fail me , I still have half the crust mix left); to
ESC for a second go!
Curiosity: Do not put all eggs in one basket...mmmmm....
Me: I did not! I did not! I did not put 12 egg tarts in the 12-cup muffin pan!

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