Preyed on Silicon Valley's equivalent of rice noodles soup (kway teow teng , hokkien), and I've been "preyed" as well !

Looks like the real thing, and taste almost as good.

New Tung Kee Luu Noodles (新潮州中記麵家)
520 Showers Drive
Mountain View, CA 94040
Taste index:

And...while I "hunt" around for food, I've been "preyed upon" simultaneously ! Or the correct word should be "tagged" (?), by Cumin and Coriander . OMG! And I did not know I was supposed to pass on the meme about "5 things most people don't know about me"! So, those who find their names/ blogs at the bottom of this post...YES...YOU HAVE BEEN "TAGGED", (or "arrowed"- in Singlish, to write ) and I assure you there are "cats" (not killed by curiosity yet) who wish to know your "secrets"...

Oh, I bet you, no "cats" are curious or interested enough to know what they don't know about me (but I'll just "play" the "rules of the game"). Blogging is a way to share laughter all around. There are too many things in life to be serious about, so for once, loosen your jaw muscles, alright ! Sigh...I'm side-tracking again...*knock knock*

1. Tigerfish is MY REAL NAME...only in the WWW; and I'm trilingual.

2. The name teczcape is not a word in anyway related to food, recipes, cuisine or cooking. It originated as a blog that relates to FOOD (of course!), plus other musings about travel, observations, tech. stuff, etc; then slowly evolved into a food-only blog (since all of us gotta eat). But the essence is there - teczcape means "escape from technology" and...FOOD is one great SANE escape from the INSANE high-tech world!

3. Used to be an editor (a short-lived one) for...not a food magazine, of course! Proof-reading, and editing on a professional basis is entirely totally obviously different from writing and posting on a blog. As you can see, the No.1 "No-Go" in formal writing is - Never start a sentence with an "And". This is the right brain and left brain in action.

4. Look for bargains more often in the U.S of A, compared to Singapore - Prefer Trader Joes to Whole Foods; enjoy Target more than Walmart, and usually hunt around for kitchen gadgets in Ross! (found my $4.99 muffin pan , and $7.99 8-cup French Press).

5. Used to play pranks (not always) while in primary school (equivalent to elementary in U.S) - sprinkle water on the seat of my (unlucky) classmate sitting in front of me, and without knowing, he(usually) would sit down and "wet" his school shorts. Oops!

I've wanted to tag a few more people, but some are already in the radar of Flog & Rosbif and Cumin and Coriander, so I'll have them instead.

I'm taggin' you, fellow foodies -
Yich of Simcooks
Yuzu of Yuzu Eats
Wandering Chopsticks

Hurry hurry, you are all looking foward to your posts!

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