As fickle as me, as sober as beer, as deep as pizza, as comfort as meatloaf

Our first visit to BJs Brewhouse :

1. It's a brewhouse, so you should try the beer. Go for the taster/sampler if you are not those "pitcher-drinkers" and obviously, don't know what to try/order. Personally, I felt this can be similar to wine tasting - just going for the experience, if you are not a regular. Or when you just can't make up your mind, variety is the key.

Could be a complete 7-taster brew sampler. But you saw the 2 "empty" spaces ? You can just go for a taster set of 5 brews too.

2. When you don't know what to order among that many kinds of pizza; and when you don't go eating in big groups (and get the privilege of ordering one of each kind), look out for words such as "house specials", "chef recommendations", "hot favourites". This should not go too wrong. Hawaiian pizza (ham, pineapple, cheese) has always been my favorite and should be a "can't go wrong" but there is no hawaiian pizza in this menu.

So, among the deep dish pizzas, we went with the BJ's favourite. This is good, really good. Crusty toasty crust.

3. We asked the server for her recommendations. She suggested the meatloaf.

But I did not really like it, despite it being "1st-place meatloaf recipe winner".

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