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Laksa recipe - preparation time ~45mins; cooking time ~25mins.

I need my laksa without the hassle, without the sweat - the cheat-sheet version.

I look at that laksa ready-to-cook pack and the ready-to-cook pack look at me;
Use me, use me, it says. I'm easy and tasty (guarantee!);
Without hesitation, I reach out for that pack (even came with laksa leaves!);
How authentic can it get.

In 5mins-prepared my own noodles, eggs, and prawns, I had this ready

Within 15mins-cooked the gravy, topped over noodles, ready to be devoured...

This is curry laksa, or laksa lemak(with coconut gravy). There is also a assam version. If you want to add more ingredients such as Yong Tau Foo, you could. But I could forgo that because there is already more than enough going on.

My laksa (a.k.a Prima Taste @home), Prima Taste laksa @Centerpoint, and Katong Laksa.

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