Green, green, vegetables of home

It's St. Patrick's day on 17 March 2007. I do not know much about this day, except for the elements of "Irish" and "Green". I could not stop laughing when Ming Merciless posted this and there was a comment about the chinese saying of wearing green hats (戴绿帽, pronounced as dai lu mao). Oh my goodness (I'm laughing again). Yet one example of culture differences.

Back to the "Green" theme, green, green, grass of home; green, green, vegetables of home.

I like to cook with celery, whether it is using them as a "root vegetable" to flavor soup, or just to be simply savored as a vegetable in a stir-fry. I seldom eat it on its own though, when it's ok (and healthy) to do so. I tend to combine celery in stir-fry with most of the not-so-leafy greens/vegetables because of the texture differences (celery tends to maintain its crunch, even after 10-12mins stir frying while most of the leafy greens start to become limp and overcooked within 5-8mins of stir-frying). I tried combining celery with cabbage before and it worked well. Both are flavorful vegetables, so the outcome is...what else but more flavor (and mixture of textures). This time, I tried long beans and celery. And, what else but more crunch (and flavor!). You find synergy in cooking too!

Stir fry long beans and celery (ingredients quantity depends on servings required)
Have the long beans and celery cleaned, and cut into bite-size lengths respectively. Rinse the the dried anchovies and dried shrimps in water to soften.

More simply: Heat up some oil in the fry pan; add in dried anchovies and dried shrimps and fry till fragrant. Add in long beans and celery and fry (5-7mins) till cooked (crunchy and tender is the way to go here). Serve over rice.

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