Five blogger friends and me, in a Nata de Coco island

POM! PIANG! BOM! The luxury liner sank! "Women and children first..." shouted all over. There was nothing but chaos. Suddenly, someone grabbed by hand (tagged me) and together jumped onto the next available UFO (unindentified floating object). The next minute, six of us were on this UFO known as a sampan, left floating aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean. Strangers and unknown to one another but found common grounds in the nick of survival. Strangers or friends, we are going to get stranded altogether in a "No Signboard" island (not the seafood restaurant...we are not so lucky). Call it deserted or haunted, we're all in the same boat. "You will all cross the bridge when you reach it" ( the chinese idiom goes...船到桥头至然直). Truly and surely, we drifted to this island as the sampan "floated" (hate to use the word-ferry) us there.

The sampan did not "float" us to Alcatraz island, fortunate or unfortunate. I still manage to capture this "historic" moment while floating in the sampan.

What can be luckier than striking the mega million TOTO or lottery - I know the other five so-called strangers (survivors), by their (real, or ficticious) names in the same sampan! I could die from hunger in this island, but definitely not from boredom. How can the world be flatter than that (I asked Thomas L.Friedman) ?

For making me jump onto that sampan, eastcoastlife, I have you to thank...你真的 托我下水!

Among all the ladies, we have a simshaddy chris. Why was this "male escapist" among us? I gathered he was lucky unlucky enough to be grabbed by eastcoastlife as well, on her other hand. "Life, as Chris sees it...", I am not that terrific a cook (as eastcoastlife and chris have claimed or made out to be). But I hope when there is no food, you all would not "hunt" me down as your "fish" food, or offer me to the "brutality" beast.

And how do you expect me to cook in a deserted island when there are no ingredients, no frying pan, no stove ? TastyFish, be afraid, be very afraid. With no food around, you will be gone in 60secs when all human beings go hungry and decide to "pengkang" (barbequed) you like a fish in banana leaves. I'm not afraid... not afraid of being your prey because we all have Rasa Malaysia, MeltingWok and Shilpa around.

With her love for the islands (I remember Rasa Malaysia said, twice), I choose to believe she will turn the deserted/haunted island to a tropical and vibrant spot. Gradually, all of us will forget the "pain and trauma" that the "sinking disaster" has brought us, and immersed in an exclusive
deserted spa resort experience. Plus, she could whip up all the fantabulous Malaysian, Penang, Nyonya dishes (cuisine) you could wish for when you are in a exclusive deserted tropical spa resort. Next minute, we are in seventh heaven!

No frying pan in the island? Why need one when there is a MeltingWok? She could melt your tastebuds with her "wokful" of asian (exotic) mushrooms (some ingredients that we may have a 0.1% chance of finding, in a deserted island) and exotic cooking.

Running out of ingredients in the island? (why are coconut trees, always and only, associated with an island?) Shilpa can do the out-of-the-box cooking. With nothing but island ingredients (eg. mosquitoes, creepy-crawler insects, grasses, bushes, lava sand...and coconut)...she may give us out-of-the-world dishes. Who says we can't have lava sand chocolate fudge in a deserted island when she can do grasshopper tiramisu?

We are all stranded, tired and exhausted! C'mon...who wants to do the cooking? Let's just have Nata de Coco everything with all the coconut trees and fruits we can find, ok?

Our "...only hope is to keep a signal fire going as long as there's light to see".

Source of inspiration -
-2 cups movie "Titanic"
-1tbsp movie "Gone in 60secs"
-1tbsp book "The World is Flat by Thomas L Friedman
-1/2 cup novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

1."Massage" ingredients with pinch of salt and pepper, toss!
2.Serve "story"