Trader Joes - for tasty joys

When Wandering Chopsticks had thumbs up for LUSCIOUS (I'm saying it loud, and writing in caps) dumplings, I'm in to join her for "Save Our Faves 2007".

Trader Joes - my neighbourhood grocery store, thrive and thrive you shall, as I prefer you to the mighty listed WFMI.

I love you for your fearless flyer;
and when I feel it - the organic fruits desire;
with whole wheat pasta and unsulfured dried apricots as wholesomeness in products;
and even the ($1.99 Charles Shaw wine selection) "Two Buck Chuck";
you have simply made us heathier;
and cooking (with wine) cheaper, and easier.

What's your favourite food gem? Meantime, I would love to hear it from
1. Susan from Food Blogga
2. The Budding Cook
3. Aria from Passionatenonchalance
4. Yich from Simcooks
5. MeltingWok
(Oops, some are repeats...sorry!)

and also have them "Save our Faves", tag 5 others(food lovers, food bloggers), so we can all share in the common pot of goodness.

This is my favourite (non-Asian) grocery store: Trader Joes
At my neighbourhood:
727 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
9 am - 9pm

At your neighbourhood:
Several locations within the US