Kitchen and Culinary Wishes - 等久久 ! 10 things I want for my kitchen

I was tagged by Pablopabla for "10 things I want for my kitchen". Quoted and well-said, it's a want, not a need. With these "WANT" additions, it will certainly make cooking more efficient and a more pleasurable experience. I want Form and Function! Okie!

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1. Made in Japan, Santoku Knives - The brand is not as critical as where it's made. Santoku( (三徳包, literally ~ "three uses" of slicing, dicing, & mincing , or "all-purpose"). The steel from Japan is of a different grade (I want high grade stainless steel -with molybdenum, and Japan knife-making goes back to the Samurai period sword- making. History tells us all.

2. A HDTV refrigerator with BIGGER capacity(preferably >600l) not forgoing superb quality and reliability. I want the well temperature-controlled fridge to store grocery purchases in good (fresh) condition and have all the space to freeze all my leftovers. While waiting for the water to boil or oven to pre-heat, I can span the attention in the kitchen while watching short TV/DVD segments of cooking, or even listen to some music. Lucky no no; LG...yes yes yes!

3. Dishwasher safe stainless steel cookware (saucepan, casserole pan, saute pan, stockpot, fry pans etc). I could then gradually do away with non-stick cookware especially for slightly high temperature cooking. Dishwasher safe please...because no laborious srcubbing and washing of the pots and pans expected from me. Cooking (and eating) is a interest and passion; but not the washing!

4. A KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer to ignite my urge to bake (since I don't as much as I cook). Not sure about the function, but I like the design and colors. It's so hip to own one. (p.s. There...there...the purple one on top in the collage!)

5. An all-function, all purpose food processor that minces, dices, shreds, slices, grates, and even juices (yes, juice extractor/blender). I want to have just ONE machine to go to, when cooking preparation needs to get done.

6. A gigantic dishwasher certified and proven"energy saving, water saving" to wash all the pan, pots, plates, bowls, utensils! (Is there one?)

7. A Jeppe Utzon BBQ. I happened to know the brand of this one by Electrolux, since it's featured as one of the world coolest new products - fitted the stainless-steel table with Corian and designed cover panels that slide out to reveal a diamond grill and a hot plate. When you're not cooking, the covers slide back in place to convert the unit into a swanky patio table.

8. A coffee machine to brew freshly ground coffee. I'm not sure if the Krups range work well. But I've seen them in department stores, with hefty price tags. The coffee machine should be stainless steel and not made from some high-grade plastic. Meanwhile, I'm using my $7.99 French Press to brew my cup of joe.

9. A wide, large area surface kitchen island solid counter top so that I can have my cooking preparations (chopping, cutting, slicing, even kneading) in a designated spot. I also want this island to be an area where I can sit by, to think and jot down little inspirations.

10. With all these new "WANTS", I want a SUPER SPACIOUS kitchen, so that even with the kitchen island, there is plenty of free space to walk around within (and not bump onto this, and knock against that). Remember, safety first!

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I'll do a random pick. The last few readers from my previous Assam Prawns post , to take a few minutes and tell us their 1 to 10 wishlist! No obligations. Just to share and spread the fun!
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