Assam Prawns, Tamarind Prawns, Pineapple Prawns - they are the same to me!

They impressed me the same way - sourish, spicy, zesty, kind of flavors!

Tamarind (Assam in Malay) is the pulp that is obtained from the pods of the tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica). Tamarind or Assam is a sticky fibrous mass which may sometimes include the seeds and the broken seed pods. In the form of "Tamarind Pulp", it is known as Assam Jawa. To obtain tamarind or assam liquid, this pulp is squeezed in a little warm water and then strained (typically through a muslin cloth, or strainer).

My Tamarind Assam Prawns adapted the base concoction (of spice paste, and tamarind) from Rasa Malaysia. Ingredients are almost similar except:

-Substituted fish, with prawns (felt like eating prawns)
-Substiuted okra, with pineapples (easier, directly from the can)
-Omitted daun kesum -Vietnamese mint/Vietnames coriander (since I don't have)

The result is heavenly, as I would describe it; and "...extraordinarily satisfying...", quote Rasa Malaysia.

Definitely a perfect match with steaming white rice! The gravy...

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