Ginger cafe does not serve just ginger!

I know there are restaurants named after garlic. I'm sure there are eateries named after onion too. And the one I tried is named after ginger. Is there one named after shallots ?

As usual, we would tend to have lunch out, if we were to eat out. This is at Ginger Cafe.
A "let pictures do the talking" post. Becoming more and more like Keropok's Daily Makan Photo. Hahaha...but we don't have the luxury to eat out so often, so cannot afford to be "daily".

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Kung Pao Chicken - Not so classic, right? Usually it'll just be chicken and dried chilli. But this one has peanuts, onions, mushrooms, green peppers.

Mongolian Beef - Hmm.... more like onions with scallions stir-fry? Wooo...heaps of onions and scallions and few slices of beef. Spicy, of course...however a tad too greasy.

Ginger Cafe
398 W. El Camino Real #114
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Price: $$ (for lunch)
Taste index:
(Not too bad, overall - but 2 "Yums" because found the chicken and beef dishes rather greasy)

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