Layer meme? New breed of Kueh lapis? Can eat or not?

Two fellow Teochew singaporeans, Pauline and eastcoastlife tagged me, so I decided to add some singaporean flavor to this "layer" meme. HUH? Sorry...after adding this flavor, this layer meme is not a kind of of kueh lapis and still cannot eat lah!

For my dear overseas and international readers...if in any moment you do not understand a word, Singlish is the "culprit" - a kind of English-based creole language known as Singlish, native to S'poreans. Maybe to you, it's outer-space language but just don't get a culture shock, ok? Spend some time to know a lil' more about this language. Just for fun. Just for laughs.

Layer One: On The Outside
Name : tigerfish
Birth Date : you don't have to give me presents
Current status : wrinkling (you asked about the outside, right?)
Eye Colour : have not looked at the mirror to check yet :O
Hair Colour : also have not looked at the mirror to check yet :O
Righty or Lefty : hold the fry pan with lefty, hold the frying spatula with righty...(so righty or lefty leh?)

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage : singaporean?
Your Fears : inside uncooked; or outside warm but inside cold, especially when you bake or when you re-heat a pie or something and it went wrong..HAHA!
Your Weakness : too many to list (eg. I also have a tofu heart like eastcoastlife, but mine is a silken/soft tofu heart...not those firm/extra firm tofu...LOL!)
Your Perfect Pizza : hawaiian...I just made it!

Layer Three :Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : a year ago - no time to think!!! coz need to reach office at 7am, do the work, and go home on time!; a year later (which is now) - what shall I think about ? ;p )
Your Bedtime : when TV starts broadcasting paid commericials for the next 12 hrs...
Your Most Missed Memory : cannot remember! OMG! I'm already missing it, and missed it !

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : do i really need to choose ? ...errr.....Coke...but only Classic Coke ok? But do I really have a choice? Most places that offer Pepsi don't offer Coke, vice versa. So, let circumstances decide.
McDonald’s or Burger King : must choose again ? Mcdonalds for breakfast sausage mcmuffin with egg; BK for mushroom swiss
Single or Group Dates : A group of dates, of course!!! to add into my soup and dessert. A single date not enough to sweeten the soup LOL!
Adidas or Nike : no preference as long as it's functional for its purposes (eg. wicking for sports). Most are made-in-China anyway. So why pay just for the logo ? Your $ just gone back to the manufacturer so that they can pay Adidas and Nike royalties for the right to use the logo and brand. What for ?
Tea or Nestea : What is Nestea? Tea lah!
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate! But must be dark chocs. If not, I may choose vanilla.
Cappucino or Coffee : depends! Coffee, in the morning (suddenly I miss kopi gaw !). After 4pm, needs to be cappuccino..if not, cannot sleep ah!

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : Only when I'm not attentive when deep-frying tonkatsu - pork cutlets or chicken drumlets or wings. Then I start to smoke the whole kitchen!!!
Curse: I won't know unless you made me do it.
Take a shower : I "shower", or rinse my vegetables; myself?...bathe lah! Maybe when there's water rationing (heard CA may have drought this year coz not enough snow/rain!), then I may be forced to "rinse" myself :O
Have a crush : Oh yes...crushed garlic and crushed ginger
Think you’ve been in love: everytime. Today in love with tom yum, tomorrow in love with curry, after love with assam
Go to school : yes, until I'm scared!
Want to get married : not again ????
Believe in yourself : Only when I know I'm right and backed up by "black and white"
Think you’re a health freak : I don't think so. I enjoy snacking! You can look through the labels in my blog and you let me know if I am.

(Do you eat your kueh lapis layer by layer ? Doing this layer 1-12 meme reminds me of layer cake ler!)
Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Cooking (shaoxing) wine considered or not ? Well, I add them to season and flavor up my dishes :P
Gone to the mall : no. No malls nearby.
Been on stage : yes. Life is a stage, and I am still alive, that's why.
Eaten sushi : no leh. no craving that month. But maybe this month :P~~~
Dyed your hair : Later turn out disaster how? Also I have not looked at the mirror to check the current color yet? So would not have the "before" and "after" effect.

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..

Played A Stripping Game : When I peel an orange, peel a potato, peel the played stripping game so many times? I din even know that ;p
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Did I change? Or do I have split/double personality?? *Change myself to fit the environment, or change the environment to fit myself* (TV ad slogan?)

(Or do you like to eat gaw teng kueh or lapis sagu, layer by layer? When I was young, I will actually eat them layer by layer - red first, then the green, then the white, then red again, green, white, etc etc)

Layer Eight : Age

You’re Hoping To Be Married : confused with all these qns! How come other layers also ask almost the same qns? I think I answered this just now, right? ;p

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour : to match the hair, and skin color (as if there is a choice...but nowadays, got colored contact lenses, right?)
Best Hair Colour : to match the eye, and skin color (but too much dye makes the hair dry)
Short Hair or Long Hair : as long as matching to the face features, shape; and suit the person's personality/character

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : doing this meme loh
1 Hour Ago : still doing this meme loh ( difficult for dont' give me homework and assignment, can ? ;p )
4.5 Hours Ago : thinking that I need to finish this homework. If not, I will see a "pig head" hanging at my door sooner or later (for not settling these "debts")
1 Month Ago : at my computer
1 Year Ago: still near my computer

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : ...errr...never say complete in how many words...I can write a story long as I start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop ?
I Feel : same as above, but any english teacher will strangle me for writing such sentences and not breakin' them up
I Hate : many things. I don't want to summarize lah! Been summarizing since pri school to sec. sch to etc etc....then from 1st job to 2nd job, to etc etc...summary think to need ler...Write in details, no need to think.
I Hide : my real name and my real face in my blog
I Need : what I need loh!
(Or do you eat oreo layer by layer, lick the cream first, then eat the biscuit ? Can also layer pizza like this?)

Layer Twelve : Tag five people..
lyrical lemongrass
the expedited writer
Wok and Spoon