Teppanyaki-Style Stir Fry Udon - my replacement for Stir Fry Udon in Black Pepper Sauce

Do you like udon, ramen or soba ?

I would usually choose udon if I feel like a noodle dish on that day, and if I happen to be in a Japanese restaurants/cafe. Not because I love udon that much, but ramen just reminds me of instant noodles and soba is a cold dish (my preference is for a warm noodle soup dish anytime).

While udon is usually served the soup-version, my lasting impression for udon is actually the stir-fried version in spicy black pepper sauce. Some Chinese restaurants serve this but it's a rare find.

I don't have black peppercorns to start with, for the black pepper sauce - I'm not going to get the pepper-oomph-n-kick in this dish, even if I try cooking it. Instead, I opted for the teppanyaki version. Teppanyaki ingredients (meat, scallion, buma shimeiji mushrooms); Japanese noodles(udon), and Chinese-style cooking (stir fry), does this make fusion again?

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Teppanyaki-Style Udon, or Stir-Fry Udon (serves 2)
-1 pack fresh udon, 1lb or less; blanched before frying
-6oz, less than 1/2lbs ground beef (substitute with ground turkey or other meats you wish)
-1 small pack buma shimeji mushrooms
-1 piece ginger, small sized, julienned into finger lengths
-2 stalks scallions/spring onions, bias-cut into finger lengths
-black pepper, to taste
-dark soy sauce, to taste

1.Heat oil in pan, and fry all the ingredients EXCEPT the udon. This will take about 5-7mins for all flavors to be released, interact and fuse
2. You can dish up and serve it now with your steamed rice

3. You can add in udon noodles for mix-in and stir fry as a noodle dish

This is my entry for Presto Pasta Night.

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