Tom Yum/ Tom Yam - Soup or Rice

Tom-Yum is commonly known as a soup originating from Thailand. However, you can have your fried rice that is infused with tom yum flavors too - characterized by the distinct hot and sour flavors of fragrant herbs. You could get commercial tom yum paste (usually made by crushing all the herb ingredients, stir-fried in oil, then bottled) to make the soup, or like what I did - to make a one-dish meal.

Tom Yum/Tom Yam Fried Rice (serves ~4)
-10 medium-size prawns or shrimps
-0.8lbs long beans, cut into thin slices on the bias
-2 fresh red chilli, sliced thinly
-1 stalk lemongrass, use bottom white part
-1tbsp Tom Yum Paste
- some water
(Optional: eggs, whisked and fried as plain omelette, cut into strips for garnish, frozen corn,
edamame beans, thinly sliced jalopeno peppers for that extra spice)

1. Cook rice as per normal
2. Heat some oil in frying pan, saute the prawns/shrimps on both sides till cooked. Dish out and set aside
3. Fry all the long beans, red chilli, jalopeno peppers, corn in the same oil, add Tom Yum Paste and some water(adjust according) and fry for 5-8mins
4. Add in the prawns and mix well. Make sure there is some gravy but not too wet since you do not want the rice to be too soggy

5. Add in the mixture into the rice while in the rice cooker. Mix the rice well with the Tom Yum mixture of long beans, chillis, peppers and shrimps

Note: If you have been following my blog posts, you would have noticed that I usually don't fry the rice in the wok/frying pan since I don't have a big enough wok to allow "all ingredients break loose in the wok", and more importantly, I usually don't cook more rice, intentionally for leftovers. Fried rice is typically easier to do with leftover cold rice. I have more "rice -cooker -style fried rice" featured at the bottom of this post. Easy cooking without sacrificing taste. Still yummy!

7. I want to eat now!

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