San Francisco's New Hai Ky 新海记 - cheap and good eats right at the heart of San Francisco

I was recommended to this place while searching for a good ol' bowl of noodle soup. By who ? ...wait, wait, let me check my comment box....oh, Rasa Malaysia. Her words "...The best noodles soup in the bay area is in Sunset, on Irving...." and "....新海记...Very very ho liao (好料)..." was like a "virus" infecting my memory drive (brand:BRAIN) ...threatening to zap away and corrupt all other information, and a "virus" that cannot be "killed" by the usual anti-virus ware. It just refused to go away.

Now, I need to find some reason and excuse to go to 新海记 -New Hai Ky(Ky pronounced as Kee), since it's almost 50mins-drive to SF from our place, EXcluding the time and stress (yes, stress) required, to look for street-parking. Let's go to Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Park. It's along the way to 新海记 -New Hai Ky. I'm not really keen to visit this jail house but for the sake of While others visit landmark attractions, then search for good food in the vicinity, I'm doing the unorthodox way - sniffing for food, and looking out for some attractions to visit. I'm a foodie - didn't you notice my blog description ? For the sake of food, I will even GO TO JAIL!

Ordered additional two bowls of noodle soup to go along with the meat. So many ingredients (料) in that bowl of noodles - wonton, fishcake, fishball, lean meat etc. The noodles have a chewy texture or very Q (as I always hear the Taiwanese say it - QQ, means chewy?). In Hokkien, think, QQ also means "springy". Anyway, it's a yummy noodle soup!

On top of that, the entire meal - 1 plate of combination roast + 2 bowls of noodles is just $15+ bucks(including tips). For a plate of roasts + noodles that I could have in Milpitas - it would have cost $25+ with tips and the food would have been more inferior in the face of 新海记 -New Hai Ky.

新海记 -New Hai Ky
Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
2191 Irving Street
(between 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Taste index:

Answer to the game:
Alright, this is not one of those brain teasers/puzzles that you have to circle out a missing button on a shirt, or a bunch of flowers in one picture (not found in another one). These two pictures of roasted meat are indeed different because we went there twice!!! *lol* Did you read... I said Alcatraz Island AND Golden Gate Park? Two different trips, but same place to eat!!! Told you I have to find excuses to go 新海记 -New Hai Ky!!

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