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Organic Strawberry U-pick 2010: Certified organic strawberry u-pick will likely be happening at  Swanton Farmstand and Coastways Ranch by May 1st. Check the site and call to avoid disappointment.
The strawberry season(officially summer) will be here soon. Although, you could get strawberries all year round and do not have to wait till summer, the summer strawberry crops are usually at their peak sweetness.

I became a "sniffer" just last week - not sniffing for strawberries in the grocer's or farmer's market, but sniffing for strawberries to pick, U-pick.

We picked Swanton Berry Farm as our U-pick destination, a morning getaway. I want my organic strawberries. I want it NOW! I want it CHEAP! And I want it SWEET! Swanton Berry Farm has it all. You just have to turn laborious , do some legwork and you can have it NOW, CHEAP, and SWEET. Organic too! Nothing is free in this world, right? If you want it, work for it!

More photos here.

1. Carton boxes and baskets ready, but empty

2. Took a nice breezy stroll to the fields

3.After about an hour of work, nine baskets filled as our "harvest"! 6.5lbs worth!

4. Ready to stuff myself silly with strawberries

More photos here.

My goodness! All the strawberries are so sweet, AND... so fresh. And other than sweetness, the flavor itself is better because the plant and the soil are more healthy. Trust me, I have tasted store-bought strawberries - even those organics from supermarkets, and they just don't match up to these strawberries that are freshly picked directly from the field. Were we just plain lucky to be at the right farm at the right time? It's a steal, in my opinion, at $2/lb (latest for 2010: The organic strawberry u-pick price is $2.50 per pound!) for these organic strawberries picked at Swanton Berry Farm.

Are you ready to join the fun ? Find a nearby U-pick location near you. Just make sure to call any location you have chosen to make sure the fields are ready for U-pick.

More about Swanton Berry Farm:
Swanton Berry Farm has two ranches that are open seasonally to the public. The Farm Stand is open year round selling baked goods and organic strawberries. It is also the site of our u-pick strawberry fields. Located approximately 1.5hrs south of San Francisco. The Farm Stand is approximately 10mins north of Santa Cruz.

More photos here.

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