Soba and meatballs in "pork ribs" gravy - help me name this dish

I don't know how this noodles should be named. Errr....Soba-buckwheat noodles with leftover gravy. Oh...that's so rough. Who will want to eat that ?

I do remember eating some soup noodles before - with heaps and bits of minced meat and minced-mashed salted soy beans; and the restaurant named the dish 阳春面 (pronounced as Yang Chun Mian, in Mandarin). I tried checking this out and found it to be plain noodle without any dressing?! I'm not going to dig and probe further, or it will end up a lengthy post.

Soba in salted soy beans dressing, I shall call it... technically (so boring).
Three-Swirl Soba - shall be the fancy name fit for a menu (I think?). Description ~ Buckwheat noodles tossed in salted soy beans dressing of a slow-cooked pork rib gravy, served on a bed of seasonal greens.

Stop looking for the pork ribs! No chance you will find the ribs since there are all eaten up. I rolled up some ground turkey into turkey meatballs instead, then simmer - cook them in this gravy.

The soba buckwheat noodles are also tossed in the gravy. You can call it soba and meatballs (just like spaghetti and meatballs) if you wish to.

Three-Swirl Soba
Ingredients: Soba, long beans or any greens you prefer
Dressing: Recipe here.
How-to: Toss the cooked soba in the dressing-gravy and serve on your favorite greens. It's so simple. Garnish with some julienned spring onions/scallions.

This is my entry for Presto Pasta Night . Ruth, you did not cook any pasta but I use leftover gravy. Will that be ok?

How will you name this dish ?

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