Goji berry, wolfberry...the super berry - how would you use it ?

I almost forgotten about my Wolfberries or Goji Berries chucked aside one corner in my pantry cabinet, even since I used them here and here.

These berries are very versatile and you should not only limit or restrict them in how they are commonly used such as in herbal soups or in goji berry tea. Think out of the berry. When you are cooking your vegetables soup, stir them in. When you are stir frying your vegetables, add them in. You can even sprinkle some of these super-berries while you cook or steam your rice. For me, these super-berries flavored up my plain porridge/congee and made it antioxidant-rich, for the weekly ARF event taking place at Sweetnicks.

Wolfberry or Goji Berry has high nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities, giving them commercial status as a novel "superfruit". Berry nice.

Wolfberry or Goji Berry Porridge/Congee
Ingredients: Rice grains for cooking rice or porridge - for me I usually mix my white grains with red cargo grains.

How to:
In rice - when the rice is ALMOST cooked (about 5mins to the "Warm" button being automatically lighted up-from "Cook" in the rice cooker), throw in some goji berries. Your finished cooked rice product will have a tint of sweet flavor.
In porridge/congee - like how you would cook rice in the rice cooker, just add MORE water (2x-3x more than you would when cooking rice) depending how "thick" or "watery" you want the porridge to be.

Like most "porridge" people, I enjoy congee, or jook (Cantonese pronunciation) as a one-dish meal such as seafood porridge and pork porridge etc. More than that, I also enjoy porridge plain ~ Taiwanese or Teochew style, with side dishes such as steamed minced meat (aka steamed meat cake) and vegetables. Just as porridge is usually disliked by some because it reminds them of being sick or ill, I could never get sick of porridge . It's one of my comfort favorites, whether it's homecooked or eaten outside. Do you enjoy porridge or congee ?

And how would you use wolfberry or goji berry in your cooking ?

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