"8 Things" meme

WokandSpoon tagged me for 7 random things about myself. Pablopabla and Lydia tagged me for 8 things about myself. HUH? I have to write 15 things about myself?! I'm such a BORing person you know - 15 things will practically tell you everything about me. :O

I shall do the cheater-bug trick again - I will do 8, since 7 will subsequently become a subset of that 8. ;p

1. I have severe myopia due to excessive blogging. Notice that pink icon at the upper right corner of my blog - yes, I wear glasses. So the pink icon is partially real.

2. One thing not-so-real about the pink icon is...Pink is definitely NOT my favorite color!!!

3. My wardrobe is 90% dark tones of black, gray, blue, brown and green. Sooo gloomy, right? But now you know my preferred colors. When I bought my first red tee, I realized I was getting old :(

4. I never really done much cooking back in Singapore. The only dish I cooked, and done well, is chicken macaroni soup.

5. When I was staying with my parents, breakfast will be savory items (BBQ pork buns, fried bee hoon etc.) - even if it was bread, the fillings were pork chops, ham etc. After I moved out, my breakfast became cereals + milk. What a drastic change...but there was no one to prepare hot breakfast, plus I had no time and was LAZY.

6. My most memorable school days, dates back to primary school. I was the "bully" in class, always teasing and making fun of my classmates, particularly the guys. During the six years, I played so much and could still do well in my studies. Thereafter, I hated everything about secondary school up to university, except for all the good friends I made, over those years.

7. I have a miniature schnauzer back in Singapore. Since the first day he was chosen (by me and my brother) from the pet shop, he has been with my parents. It was not my parents' intention to get a pet. I think it was us. But in the end, the responsibility, of taking care of this doggie, fell on my parents. Oops! My "job" is just to play with the doggie. Easy :)

8. I decided not to be crazy for this meme. I was, previously out of sorts, here and here. Eastcoastlife, is this how I twisted and turned to "up" my eligibility for the Thinker Blogger Award? :D Thanks for giving me this honor. Sigh...me no Thinker Blogger now....maybe a Thinker Blogger before, and perhaps a Thinker Blogger again, later, depending on weather and mood.

Woooo.....OH SO BORing eight things about tigerfish...right ?

I'll be glad to let every reader of this blog do this meme, if you are passionate about writing and sharing, then link back here once you have done the meme. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.