I signed up for PPP (PayPerPost)

I'm running out of "brain juice" to write. I'm running out of money to buy my groceries. If I can't buy my groceries, it just means I cannot maintain my food blog (what can I cook without ingredients - nitrogen, oxygen, and water?). I'm going to use the money I earned from payperpost to pay for my groceries, and treat my readers to a virtual feast in my food blog :)

Well, I'm not paid enough for my grocery trip yet. That's because I only started to take up the opportunities at payperpost very recently though I signed up for payperpost many many months ago. My following of observant readers would have noticed the payperpost badges on the right column of my blog displayed for months without me taking one step closer to writing anything in my posts. But just recently, I decided to "take action" when I found some "coupon-related" opportunity posts to write about. I'm a "coupon-person" (not always, but sometimes), that's why. This ignited me.

One fine day, I picked up my pen to write...or rather my keyboard to type. I just wanted to share information with more people in the blog network. I have not written much, and have not made much money to-date (my first $5 still waiting to be paid...*wink*). My primary purpose is still to write about things and information relevant to you, myself and the blog network.

Payperpost invites bloggers to write about featured informative sites or merchants/retailers. Your post gets reviewed, and if approved, you get paid within 30days from day of approval provided your post remains active. Payperpost is indeed a good platform to share useful information, between bloggers and advertisers...and I read from other blogs that they pay "real" money, fast. I can't verify the latter at this time but if you are game, do sigh up for payperpost, take action! Get it rolling NOW! The sooner you sign up and take up opportunities, the sooner you get paid. Don't be late like me.

I LOVE payperpost!