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How do you usually plan your road trip or vacation ? Do you go to a travel agent or do you DIY ? It has become relatively easy and convenient now, than 10 years ago, to plan your own trip itinerary ONLINE, and purchase everything ONLINE - from air tickets, hotels reservations, car rentals, and day-tours for your destination holiday spot. Not only it's convenient to DIY -
1. you can also do variations (airline carriers, type of hotels etc) to your itinerary umpteen times (without the travel agent getting impatient with you) and
2. have all the prices quoted instantly - ta can do whatever price comparison you want
It has also become relatively cheaper to book your vacation online. Similar to buying in bulk that may often lead to instant savings, you also save when getting bundled travel services and travel packages. And with a couple of reputable online travel sites such as Travelocity, you can find additional savings when you get your next travel package. Bundled services. Bundled travel services. (Tip: Prior to your next check-out and "confirm-purchase step" at Travelocity, do check out these Travelocity online shopping coupons at Enjoy further savings. Not limited to travel discounts, has other online shopping coupons for 20+ categories which includes Food and Wine ; and Kitchen stuff.