Indian cauliflower and pea curry, with poached egg

Minus the cabbage and chickpeas, this curry has become even simpler - just cauliflower, peas and the same spices used here. I need to go on a diet (errrr.....?) though this may not be an actual diet meal (what is a diet meal anyway? I don't know). You see...I don't even go to the extent of finding out what food to eat and what to avoid in an event of a how can I ever go on a diet? This is too alien to me. I only know how to spell the word-D.I.E.T. To: WokandSpoon, who prepares her salad-meals so diligently, "I need to learn from you". Sshhhhhheee...tsk tsk...I'm just running out of what to write in this post, so I turned it into a diet-meal post. Boo hoo hoo (tigerfish is a cheat!). You see, Jaden - I don't have 42 drafts in my folder like you - though I may have wild incoherent thoughts (sometimes...always). There are just a lack of words in me recently (aka just too lazy to write). It's getting too hot to write. Sitting and sweating through my shirt in front of the PC. Have you ever stare blankly at your draft post for several minutes and wondering what to write?

Okie. This dish is sought of a repeat but I ate it differently, with a poached egg and so finding some silly excuse to call it a diet meal, and giving you a chance to call me lazy crazy. Just do you know what I am driving at, or rambling about?

Dry curry on a poached egg complements well in taste and flavor

Climbing up Mt. Everest may not be as tough as it seems

Would you see this only in Indian dining or NEVER EVER ?

The trio that got lost in the Yellow River

Reflections...or earthquake!!! and the buildings collapse!

So little food that I'm so hungry now (how can I ever go on a diet, I ask again). Going to spoon myself more curry ;) , and maybe cook myself some rice.

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