Yak, Buffalo, Cow and Pig - all the jerks!

This post is about JERKS!!! WARNING - If you find the following contents too provocative (of cursing and swearing), you can click the "Back" button on your browser NOW, or "Refresh"/ "Reload" to bring you back to your safe haven (is it?) aka "home"page.

The first JERK - Mr. Biv Jerkee. Too tough and hard...arrghhh...*grinding teeth*...arrghhhh. Hate it to the core. Not even goin' to let him show his "face" here, in my harmless blog.

In contrary, I love the second jerk - Mr. Bebe Que Perk (below). Mr. Bebe Que Perk is just so sweet - "sweetly" marinated in a typical of sweet and savory blend of BBQ and hoisin sauce; then char-grilled over charcoal (he's HOT!) to give that smoky perky flavor.

The recent jerk I've met is Mr. Yuckkity Yak. Oh, is there such thing as "this jerk is better than that jerk"...or rather "all jerks are the same - bad and detestable" ? Anyway, Mr. Mr. Yuckkity Yak is indeed better (taste and texture) than Mr. Biv Jerkee. And MOST importantly, they are not any tough meat (of just brawn, no brain). By the way, have you heard about Mr. Yak (I call him by his last name, out of seniority respect) ?

Such an interesting MEAT, just like the low-fat (beef) alternative of Trader Joes buffalo steak. Read from Mr. Yak (found in the first picture): "...This product is made of the meat of the yak, a unique treasure of the snow mountains and grasslands of the Qinghai-Tibetan Highlands. Pastured in the "Peak of the World", more than 3000m above sea level, the yak feeds on natural grass, including cordyceps and other medicinal herbs, and mineral spring water. The meat of the yak is more nutritious than ordinary beef....this is a well endowed low-fat and high energy food product..."

I did not curse all the jerks - am I mean or not, after all?

(Thanks, YJ - for giving me this lil' foodie goodie pack, so that I can taste all over the world!)

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