Old Port Lobster Shack - Lobster mania continues

Lobster mania continues...alright, you don't have to travel to Maine to have Maine Lobsters. If you are in Northern California, your best bet might be at Old Port Lobster Shack.

Hey, it is a lobster shack, lobster is king. To really enjoy lobster at its peak, it must be eaten fresh as freezing toughens the lobster meat. Old Port Lobster Shack flies in fresh lobsters several times a week. Now, you can eat the freshest lobster on the West Coast! Of course, either the lobster "flies" to you, or you fly to the lobster (in Maine). Both works!

Let's start with a shacketizer - Steamed Maine Mahogany Clams

Similar to littleneck clams grown in southern waters and are differentiated by their deep golden mahogany colored shell. Mahogany clams are also called Golden Necks.

Cooked in Old Thumper beer, tomatoes, garlic, parsley...clamilicious. These clams are soooo good.

These clams are from the Atlantic Sea, whilst Manila Clams often seen in the West Coast are from The Pacific. Some maybe able to taste the difference, as said that the Mahogany clams may by more flavorful than their West Coast counterparts.

The clams is soooo fleshy fat. Can scoop the "liquid essence" with the other half of the clam shell. I want to eat this again !!!

Main Course - Naked Lobster Roll

Lobster meat on a roll served with sides of mayo and butter. Another winner.

Main Course - Steamed lobster

The lobster can eat the coleslaw because I will eat the lobster! :p

Of course, what happens when the lobster and brownie are found together? EAT THE LOBSTER FIRST, then round up with the dessert brownie!! HA! Unfortunately, already no room and money for the brownie, after the splurge on seafood. Brownie the nest time, perhaps.

Old Port Lobster Shack
Find the menu here
851 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City
CA 94063
Price: $$$
Taste index:

Oh, you don't get to see the inside of the lobster ? The meat. All the freshly steamed whole lobster meat extracted from the shell - delicate, sweet flavor and tender(slightly gummy) texture, oooh la la....

Inside of the lobster, less the meat :p

Don't despair. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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