My Daily Veggies - Now you can drink your veggies

The daily recommendation is to have minimum three servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Do you stick to this "rule"? Now, there is an easier and more effective channel to absorb all the vegetables nutrients. You get to Drink My Daily Veggies! How good and nutritious is that? You get the fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients in this alternative vegetable supplement. A healthy living or alternative health lifestyle you might want to seek. What's more, My Daily Veggies has NO added salt, NO added sugar, NO preservatives. As good as it can get!

Listen up, heads up! Lane Labs is now giving away Free samples of My Daily Veggies. A delicious blend of whole dried vegetables that you can either mix with water and drink, or mix into your favorite recipes and dishes to boost their nutritional value. I have friends who are vegetarians, and they try very hard to come up with vegans variations to make their meal healthy, green, YET still tasty. They will definitely love this product if they could add this medley of whole dried vegetables in their cooking. It’s so convenient.

Some nutritionists say that eating the fruit or vegetable itself is better than drinking the juice. That's because eating the whole fruit and vegetables give you more fiber, than the juice. The juice usually give you vitamins, less the fiber. But Drink My Daily Veggies is NOT a juice, NOT a soup. It’s 95% dried whole vegetables and 5% dried whole vegetable extracts.

Now, check out, get your free samples of My Daily Veggies and healthy living is just a "drink" closer.