Rainier Cherries - the Bing, and the Van

The problem with summer (other than sweating it out) is the sudden spike in my $$$pending! I've splurged so much on fruits! $$$pending UP by 40%!!! First, there are
strawberries, then came the olallieberries. There is also plenty of melons around (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelons - just the common varieties, PLUS other special "melon-breeds", the names I have forgotten). Then, all the peaches and nectarines (white- and yellow- variety, with elegant branding eg. Arctic Sweet, Summer Sweet, Pink Lady, White Lady etc etc). I've BOUGHT and eaten most of them, only leaving out the plums and pluots which have not tempted me yet. Oh, I forgot, there are also cherries that I have been popping into my mouth like crazy - the Bing cherries (Red) and the Rainier (White) cherries. Do you know that the Rainier cherry (creamy-yellow flesh) is a cross between the Bing cherry and the Van cherry, which both have dark red flesh? If you are interested in the cherry story, pick it up here. It reminded me of biology class..."....Both dark cherries carried a recessive gene of a white cherry, meaning a Bing and a Van could produce a Rainier in much the way two brown-eyed parents can procreate a blue-eyed child..."

I bought $10 worth of rainier cherries...and solely exclusively for...just me...:D

Now you know why I get a sugar rush, and posted like a crazy woman. She even suspected I have turned full time bloggerista, ...of course NOT!! (Jaden, I don't have "42 & counting more" posts sitting in my drafts folder)!! In fact, I'm blogging less this summer. Heat is one reason. Heat causes one to be lethargic, then turn one lazy. Never write, never cook, only eat cherries. And when I eat that WHOLE LOT of cherries, the sugar has to go somewhere. A basic equation of chemical engineering taught me (which happens to be the only thing I remember now, the rest...all forgotten!!!) --> "Input + Generation = Output + Accumulation". Thus, all of a sudden, I posted like mad (hey, told you the sugar has to go somewhere other than there ;p )

Some sugar converted to energy to make these too...a fake "Fruit" cake , and these Uber-cute, mini-fruit medley cups. Well, the sugar in me has to channel here. The fruits have to channel there too, right?

Enjoy your fruits.

(P/S. Singaporeans and Malaysians friends/bloggers out there, enjoy those durians too! Miss the "king", man!)

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