10.545% CTR on Sponsored Posts!

For the benefit of newbie bloggers like myself, I ask…what is CTR? CTR is commonly referred to as “Click Through Rate”. Mathematically defined, it’s the number of clicks on a link/page divided by the number of times it was displayed, presented as a percentage. For example, if an ad or banner ad was displayed 100 times (impressions delivered) and 8 viewers clicked on it (8 clicks recorded), the CTR is 8%. As a metric, click-through rate or CTR is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign.

Just recently, payperpost concluded a study on the click through rates (CTR) of sponsored posts and payperpost sponsored posts delivered an amazing average CTR of 10.545%. That means of 100 times the sponsored post was displayed, almost 10 readers or viewers clicked on it. WOW!

Posted in the payperpost blog, it presented some actual data on payperpost sponsored posts' average CTR comparing to Google, MySpace and even Adbrite ad campaigns which typically run at lower CTR. Payperpost 10.545% CTR is but an average but it just means that readers, and viewers DO click on sponsored posts at a higher rate than any other media ad campaigns. I’m still rather new to payperpost and have not bought anything that has been featured on PayPerPost sponsored posts at this moment. However, when I do write about a sponsored opportunity, I do have readers leaving comments on that specific topic, as feedback. I thought that is more interactive compared to static, one-dimensional ads, and definitely more effective as an online advertising campaign.