Awards! A Thinker Blogger and A Schmooze

This is the nearest and closest I ever got to awards.

Eastcoastlife presented me with the Thinker Blogger Award.

I'm so honored that a humble food blog, maintained by a new beginner blogger and a novice cook can earn this "reward". Thank you, eastcoastlife. Thank you, to all my readers and foodies out there as well. Without all of you, I would not have had any motivation to maintain this blog, and make it happen. Now I made it happen, I need to make it sustainable. :D

To share the joy, I am passing this Thinker Blogger award to
Steamy Kitchen : She has won so many awards that you would not need me to elaborate more why I'm giving this to her. She holds cooking classes in Tampa Bay, Florida Area, puts pride in her blog eg. "... won’t post the dish unless the photograph passes the drool-worthy test...", keeps an upbeat humor in her writings, and maintains consistent creativity in her dishes. I'm amazed. Where does she get the energy and time from? Well, you have to ask this professional.
Rasa Malaysia: She keeps authenticity in the classic Malaysian cuisine she whips up and gets creative in her mouth-watering photo shots. Combining both, she can make simple street food and traditional hawker fare seem like a premium and a luxury. Just don't charge me $50 bucks for your Penang Hokkein Mee/Noodle if you ever open your own restaurant, okie? :P

Both of you really made me THINK hard on how to be a better Thinker Blogger :)

On a separate occasion, I was also given the Schmooze award by Musings of a stay at home mum. This award is given to those who are deemed to be able: To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.

Of course, I feel privileged again. My dear readers, I hope my blog contents conveyed via my simple writing style have made it easy and interesting for you to read and understand. Through reading/ commenting on your blogs and making that social connection, I've learnt so much about YOU, from YOU, your experiences and other cultures too. Thank you, so much! :D

The Schmooze award is going out to Grandmother Stories. Hahahaha, I usually have a good laugh reading her "grandmother stories" and it's a first for me, telling you I love "listening" to "grandmother stories nagging". It's ah ma kong gor (in Hokkien), translating to "grandmother telling stories"...but I assure you she will be (or is she already one?) the modern grandmother of this era. :)