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London brought back wonderful memories of our holiday destinations. It was our gateway to visiting parts of England - English Lake District, Stratford upon Avon, Bath and even as far as Edinburgh in Scotland. A group of four of us visited the English Lake District back then and had trouble finding accommodations - there were either no vacancies, or the hotels/motels charged super-high rates during peak seasons, such that budget-conscious traveler like us at that time could not afford.

If there was a resource like Cheaperthanhotels back then, we would not have been caught in a situation, driving in the rural areas, going in rounds, searching relentlessly for a shelter just to sleep through the night and rest our feet. Well, technology has improved since then and now it has become easier to plan and prepare our holidays via accommodation sites such as Cheaperthanhotels.

I cannot forget the Tudor-style houses in Stratford-upon-Avon, the Roman-inspired architecture in Bath and of course Stonehenge, one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments, which is location outside London. There are many attractions in UK to visit. If you appreciate historic buildings and its characteristic architecture, you would surely enjoy them in the rich, deep and long history of UK. Gardens, natures, and rolling foothills - you would not miss them while driving to explore UK and parts of England and Scotland. If given a chance, I would love to visit Manchester, Birmingham, Cornwall; and revisit London again for its changes through these years. I know it would be almost a fuss-free trip since I could use Cheaperthanhotels to book my hotels in London, hotels in Manchester, hotels in Birmingham, and in other top UK destinations. This site offers many last minute and year round accommodation with free inclusions at prices often less than directly at the hotel , hostels or serviced apartments. Well, I am still budget-conscious when it comes to planning for vacations. Cheaperthanhotels is just what I need.