Sandwichs and Burgers in Banff downtown, Canada

Following my "No time for food" and breafast edition, this is one boring installment of my food consumption in Banff donwtown. One disadvantage of following a sightseeing tour rather than driving-our-own, don't get to choose the location you want to chow down. Many hidden gems are usually located outside the main town. Well, just too bad. We only got the "touristy" option :( in downtown.

Lunch at Tommy's Neighbourhood Pub. Since it's touted as a local's favorite, reckon it's still a good choice.

Steak sandwich - just so-so.

Dinner at Paddock Pub and Bar. Surprisingly, the burgers are not too bad (better food than our sandwich lunch) but throughout dinner, the only question we ask "Why are we the only customers dining in there?" Was this a sign of lousy food? Throughout the entire dinner, we were the only customers.

Does the burger look dry to you?

See?... the only place we get to choose our lunch AND dinner, is nothing other than Banff downtown.

Food aside, the sightseeing tour did justice to our eyes though. If Banff is just QUITE famous for Lake Moraine, that is because Banff is more, or VERY famous for Lake Louise.

If you are able to see reflections, does it mean the water is calm? Or pristine?

Jewel of the Rockies, indeed. Turquoise lake, calm and captivating.

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