Almond butter soba in tomato cups

Presto Pasta Night is 26! 26 fabulous nights, six months of delicious pasta dishes with Ruth and she is such a wonderful host. With this celebration, comes a pasta creation for everyone. Not to worry, everyone will be entitled to "one cup"...or "one tomato cup". :)

Almond butter soba in tomato cups
-1 serving soba, boiled 6-8mins (or according to packet instructions). Set aside
-1-2tbsp almond butter (mine is from Trader Joes. Substitute with peanut butter if you wish)
-1tsp crushed ginger
-drizzle of sesame oil
-cucumber, julienned
-minced green or spring onions, a pinch
-tomatoes, cut into halves and made into "cups"

1.In a mixing bowl, add in all ingredients except the soba and tomatoes, mix/blend well with spoon
2.Add in soba noodles and toss well
3.Serve in tomato cups
4. You can always sprinkle some sliced almond on these, if you have those on hand

No mess when serving these to your guests. One cup, each. But if you brought more than "one appetite" like I always do, you can always have more than one. :)

Can you finish a cup in one mouthful? Don't ask me how you gonna eat this, just be creative :p

These "soba cups" fall nicely into my "less stove-top-cooking" project too. :) (haha....isn't less stove-top cooking a good excuse to turn lazy and not cook...)

Also in uber-cute lil' cups are these . Check them out.

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