Sardine burger - a pantry raid burger is a poorman's burger?

Leftover Tuesdays are back and this month, it's at Project Foodie. This suits me well - PANTRY RAID! I have a bad habit of buying what is NOT in the shopping list whenever I am in supermarket or grocery stores. So, you can always find "leftovers" in my pantry. The result of impulsive buying! :O ...they are mostly dried goods such as canned mushrooms, canned tuna, bottled sauces, dried pasta etc. etc.

This can of sardines has been sitting in my pantry for a while. And when I was thinking of what's for lunch one day, I decided to make something (in my opinion) different. Different, because I just had this OTHER ingredient that seem to match most closely to these sardines. Different, because other than this OTHER ingredient, I have nothing much left, even in the fridge. Alright, when the fridge is empty, I raid the pantry!

What's good about these sardines? I don't have to cook it, just need to warm it. LIGO sardines is the next alternative when I cannot find AYAM brand sardines around. No AYAM brand tuna I've seen around too. :( I prefer AYAM canned tuna to sardines.

Oh, this OTHER ingredient I was talking about...Muffins! English Muffins...or just another form of bread (am I right to say that?)

From the pictures, you can see how easy it is to assemble (cook, is not the word) my lunch.

Just lightly toast the muffin with the sardine in it, place a few sliced cucumbers in between and...

UMmmm... eat it like a fish burger!!! Isn't this exciting?

What would have been the first thought that goes through your mind when you see canned sardines? Aren't we thinking the same? Sardine sandwich! LOL! A burger because it's round. This "poorman's burger", definitely loses its luxury when compared to salmon burger, but it's easy to prepare - that's what in need when I'm hungry and I have nothing... except to do a pantry raid.

What would be the easiest yet most exciting and interesting dish you have made?

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