Digital Framez - digital picture frames for the digital future

Digital cameras and camera phones are disruptive-technology-enabled products that have changed the entire supply chain of the film-processing industry. We seldom or no longer print all our photos. What most of us do instantly will be to upload the digital pictures into our computer hard-disk, store them in memory cards or create a virtual storage for all the pictures and photos. From all these photos, we then typically select a few well-taken shots and request for printing, either by heading to the print shop/service or requesting print-outs from the virtual photo-storage provider. Some of us, like myself, do not even print out photos. We just share the photo-viewing pleasure with family and friends over at our blogs or photo-sharing sites.

But if you realize your house needs a few good family photos or travel pictures to be framed up for that added warmth and home coziness, you can now take a closer step into the digital future, by having digital picture frame in your house. Simply take a photo or movie, switch your memory card to the digital frame and view. In a stylish fashion, you can have your photos snaps displayed at any corners and areas of your home. is an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital photo frames. The frames come in 7inch to 10inch sizes, and you can even set the period of time you want your pictures to be displayed and how you prefer the transitions between pictures. Besides pictures, these digital frames also allow viewing of movie clips that you have taken with your camera. With the ability to play music in the background, these digital frames are certainly more than one-dimensional.