Sea Harvest Fish Market and Restaurant

After the aquarium visit, it's time to find food! Guess what I saw ? Spot prawns!!! But they are behind the aquarium tank, too bad!

The night before the aquarium visit, was searching around the internet to find good eats nearby. Many good reviews seem to be pointing at this place - Sea Harvest. That makes an easy choice since it's walkable distance from the aquarium.

Some seafood combo, all in batter. Battered food taste better?...only if the seafood is fresh.

Another seafood combo in broth.

Noticed I never do a good description about the dishes. That's because the dishes were totally forgettable. Not that they were not good, just that they did not live up to expected standards. Too many favorable reviews may have spoil it. Even if the food was up to standard, the service sucks! Bleh!

Sea Harvest Fish Market and Restaurant
598 Foam St, Monterey
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