Easy veggie glass noodles

Since it's a quick and easy veggie glass noodles, ingredients and instructions should be easier than reading off a manual, and this will make an easy posting (minimal writing) for me too :P Well, this is not some glorious post of exotic ingredients requiring skillful cooking but still made it to a tasty comforting dish that I would like to share over at Presto Pasta Night. Keep this in mind if you are short of time, or you lack motivation or both.

Stir-fry veggie glass noodles
- ~2-3 oz glass noodles, soaked in warm water to soften
-some brown crimini mushrooms, chopped finely to small pieces (note: substitute with shitake mushrooms if you wish)
- 1 stalk of celery, cleaned throughly, chopped to small pieces
- 1 cup mixed (frozen) vegetables - corn, carrots, peas and/or long beans
- 1tbsp oyster sauce
- salt and pepper to taste
- water/broth, adjust accordingly

1. Heat a little oil in a saute pan and stir fry the mushrooms, celery and mixed vegetables. Add in oyster sauce and some salt and pepper to taste
2. When mixture is cooked, add in glass noodles and mix well. If too dry, add some water/broth.
3. Serve warm

Glass noodles, mung bean threads, mung bean noodles, mung bean vermicelli - they are the same. You can also use them to make Tom Yum Glass Noodles or Nyonya Chap Chye

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