Whole Foods Podcast series

I frequent the Whole Foods store and check out the website for weekly specials and discounts in the store but I did not know about this - Whole Food Market is running a podcast series. How ignorant I was. But it's never too late to know and since I am aware of this now, I want to share this with you. Whole Food Market runs a podcast series -the Whole Body Podcast, which explores the world of natural health alternatives in natural body care and supplements.

Currently this month, the topic is about "Back to School". The PROBIOTICS podcast is already up in Whole Body Podcast under "Back to School Series/Part 1". You can follow through this focus on boosting up your kid's health by listening to the second segment "Back to School Series/Part 2" that invites a naturopathic doctor to speak about the importance of ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFAs) in your kids. You want more ? Part 3 is coming up in Whole Body Podcast and it plans to cover NUTRITION, and the role of a solid healthy diet plays in overall health. All these useful information you can extract from the series of "Back to School" podcasts in Whole Body Podcast will certainly help parents and kids get ready to go back to school.

Don't be late when you head back to school and don't be late in checking out Whole Body Podcast too!