Egg yolks and sharks fin - what do they have in common ?

Is this one of the most artistically beautiful egg yolks you have seen ?

If eggs and eggs-recipes have failed to fascinate you, then I hope you are, with this lil' sunnyside up.

And you ask me if I eat sharks fin? Sorry but "I do"(makes me sooo evil and badeee, right?). But they are usually served in Chinese weddings or special occasion dinners. So it's not really my fault or my wish to eat them on purpose. Ok, ok, I can refuse to but won't I be wasting food? What a dilemma! Or is it just an excuse? Anyhow, I took this video for you. Enjoy...( "enjoy" the appropriate word to use here?)

On a lighter note, it's QUIZ TIME! What does the egg yolk and the sharks fin have in common? Tell me, tell me, I wanna know. :P ...(answer will only be out in a few days time). Meanwhile, I'll tap on your intelligence, creativity and expertise. Give up?
Answer here.

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