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Before, I talked about having my own business one day and I am still dreaming about it today. Ok, this is another resource that may be useful to bring me one step closer to my dream. - a company that helps thousands of entrepreneurs each year start their own business at affordable rates and fees, is able to help you set up corporation or LLC in all 50 states in the US. is a Las Vegas-based company and talking about Las Vegas, it brings us to Nevada state - a business friendly state with no state income taxes, thus popular for setting up businesses. Which state do you dream of, setting up your business ? Other popular states for setting businesses include Texas, Florida and Arizona. So, does that make you think about owning your Texas corporations too? has recently opened another office in Memphis, TN. If you are at Memphis, TN, you can now have a virtual office set up and still meet your potential clients in person, in one of the professional executive suites. Offering a space to start business is just one of the many professional services that can provide. can also help you with all the paperwork and procedures that are required in the processing of setting up business.