Smorty - connecting bloggers and advertisers

Get get paid for blogging with Smorty. Smorty is a bridge connecting advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers start campaigns with Smorty and Smorty delivers them to the right bloggers. You, as bloggers, can then choose to take up the offers, write/publish your opinions on your blogs and you get paid to blog. In other words, Smorty helps you blog for money. Signing up with Smorty is quick - you just have to create a membership with Smorty, get your account reviewed and approved based on Smorty rules and terms of service, then wait for suitable advertising campaign offers for you to start writing about your opinions on them. If the article gets approved, you get paid. If you go to Smorty website, you will find that it has a very simple and straight-forward set-up template and layout, that makes it very easy for you, bloggers, and advertisers, to understand the process, rules and terms. This make it simple for you to get started with Smorty. So, what are you waiting for ? Get started.