Spicy wontons, spicy dumplings

Based on imagination, what would you do when you want spicy wontons? Either you prepare a spicy filling for these dumplings or you dip them in some spicy condiment. Or would you have done the same - adding these boiled and cooked wontons into a Korean spicy broth - soon dubu ?

This time, I made the Korean spicy broth with added tofu and nori/seaweed, without the seafood. When the soup/stew is cooked, and before turning off heat, added some boiled wontons in the broth and stir gently for 1min. Turn off heat, and serve immediately.

How was it ?

Success. Delicious. A burst of flavors as soon as you bite into the juicy wontons and the spicy broth liquid rush into those biten "pockets".

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