Fusili with steamed shrimps and celery - warm pasta salad, Asian flavors

You will find guided instructions on how to make this warm pasta salad as you read along. No stir frying or sauteing is required. But steaming may not be avoided. This warm pasta salad for Presto Pasta Night has a main trace of Asian flavors as a result of the marinade and ingredients used in steaming the prawns.

Fusili with steamed shrimps/prawns and celery
This warm pasta salad is

done by first shredding celery ; then steaming the shrimps or prawns in this recipe --> chinese-style - without the egg- whites and red chili but adding in spring onions/scallions; and preparing some tomato wedges.

While shredding the celery, boil the fusili or any other shell pasta. While the prawns are steaming, add the cooked pasta, tomato wedges, and celery strips into a big bowl or deep dish like this -

When the prawns are cooked (steaming takes about 8mins), dish and lay them on the serving bowl or deep dish -

The natural "juices" of the steamed prawns/shrimps infuse so well with the fusili. And with the ginger, scallions, sesame oil and pepper that have gone into steaming the prawns/shrimps, you will taste all of that in your pasta.

Does that sound refreshing to you?

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