Seafood dumpling or wonton soup - it's fish and prawn

Just can't get enough of wontons, dumplings. Made them the traditional way before. Then, "out-of-the-box" to have my spicy wontons was to change the soup base/broth by making it spicy . Now, it's a different wonton filling from the typical chicken/pork and/or prawns; it's seafood fish and prawns.

If you don't fancy poultry meat in your wontons/dumplings, I think you can try this at home. It's not so common to see such wontons/dumplings in eateries or restaurant, and I assure you...not because it is not tasty. It's (maybe) because the cost of ingredients (fish, prawns) are sometimes more expensive than poultry meat. Also, wontons/dumpling with poultry meat can be quite easily frozen (up to a period of 3- 6mths), but not those wontons/dumpling with fish/prawns fillings.

Do you need the recipe for the fish and prawn fillings that is going into the wontons/dumplings?

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