Tiramisu - eggless recipe

Have you realized I stubbornly refuse to bake because I just can't bake ? My desserts are either jelly or slushy; and my baked snacks such as this pie, that pie, this puff, that puff, this pastry, that pastry are all made with the help of frozen puff-pastry. Of course, I'm more for savory than sweet, and this undermines the urge to bake, even more.

Even if I make a cake-like dessert, it has to be tiramisu and nothing else (errr...except for the other no-bake cake I've attempted to make many years ago...the no-bake, freezer-"baked" made classic cheesecake :P ).

Tiramisu, eggless recipe (serves 4-5)
-1/3 espresso, strongly brewed (I used freshly brewed French Roast coffee)

Mascarpone Filling
-3/4 cups heavy whipping cream
-1/6 cup cane sugar
-1tsp vanilla extract
-8oz mascarpone cheese, softened to room temperature
-1pack imported or domestic ladyfingers
-some cocoa powder

The cheese and lady/sponge fingers

1. Whip cream with sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form.
2. Fold cream into softened mascarpone.

1. Place a layer of ladyfingers or sponge fingers at the bottom of a shallow baking dish or dessert bowls
2. Sprinkle with half the espresso
3. Spread with half the filling
4. Repeat with remaining ladyfingers or sponge fingers, espresso and filling, spreading the top smooth
5. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 24 hours before serving
6. Immediately before serving place cocoa in a fine strainer and shake a light coating on surface
(Note: Since I did not add any eggs, the tiramisu can keep longer in the fridge - my REAL intention was...since I wanted the tiramisu to keep longer in the fridge, I did not add eggs. :p)

The tiramisu still tasted "tiramisu" (even without the eggs) ~ mild and delicate flavor, moist, creamy. I did not say it. Mr. TF did.

Scoop it out from a baking dish; taking small bites from a dessert bowl, or like what I did - making a mini round of tiramisu on a plate like this - pick the "pick-me-up" up anyway you like.

Half gone! Halfway to pick-me-up! Mmmmm...nothing overpowers here. The flavors of coffee, cheese, whipping cream and cocoa powder balance just right. Yum!

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