Spicy Seafood Marinara - as fiery as can be

As the temperature in California starts to cool off, comes the yearning desire for spicy food. The "heat" in spicy food helps to keep us warm in cooler temperatures. I like spicy food all- year-round, just that enjoy it even better in the cooler weather. How about you ?

Coming after the sambal chili in my spicy fried rice is the whole dried red chili.

Do you like spicy food? Which is the spiciest you have ventured into ?

If you can't take the spice, I have some pasta variations for you to think about trying.

Other pasta variations
Soba in almond butter and scallions dressing
Linguine in minced pork and black vinegar
Fusili with steamed shrimps and celery

For myself, it's to elevate the spice and heat in classic seafood marinara. Look what I added to make it Fiery Seafood Marinara Penne.

Penne in Fiery Seafood Marinara
-Mixed seafood - prawns, bay scallops, calamari
-1 can whole tomatoes
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1 shallots, sliced
-2-3 tsps dried basil
-8 dried red chili
-1/2 lb penne, boiled for ~9 mins or according to pack instructions. Set aside.
-cherry tomatoes and broccoli (garnish)

Can you see it ? The whole dried red chili...

1. Heat some olive oil in saute pan, add in garlic and shallots and fry till fragrant
2. Add in seafood and stir fry till cooked
3. Add in can of tomatoes, mashing them while mixing in pan. Then add in whole red chilis
4. When almost cooked, add the dried basil and mix well
5. When ready to serve, add in penne, mix well, then dish out

Yes, it's the whole dried red chili kicking up that notch!

It's really time for you to do without bottled pasta sauces for a while especially when you can easily make your own using tomatoes, garlic, shallots/onions and basil. When you are done with all the fancy creations, you must always go back to basics. It cleans your palates and realigns you to basic flavors again.


Don't worry. I did not make it too spicy for those at Presto Pasta Night over at Once Upon a Feast. If you really can take the spice, feel free to add more red chili to the recipe. :)

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