Tamarind prawns or shrimps and awards

Thanks, Little Corner of Mine. The Tamarind Prawns/Shrimps recipe was so easy, and so good. This time, I used the ready-tamarind-mix, and not the pulp with seeds. Little Corner also awarded me with the Creative Blogger Award. To live up to the title, I need to work harder.

To keep the creativity juices flowing, I'll pass this award to Mandy - Fresh from the Oven , Anh - Food Lover's Journey, Gattina - Kitchen Unplugged and Valentina - Sweet Temptations.

Not forgetting East Meets West Kitchen who gave me this title of Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Hmmm...I wonder when will I ever start rockin' with that electric guitar. Nevertheless, I want to thank you too, V. JadedOne - Jaded Kitchen, you sound really like a rockin' girl with an electric guitar. This is for you. :)

Tamarind Prawns - tangy, and savory.

For the spicy version that I better love, check this out.

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