Food guide in London - Hardens online guide

More than 5 years ago, finding a reasonably good place to eat in London was mostly from hearsay and a recommendation from someone who is eiter a Londoner(a local) or a non-local who has stayed in London for some time. With Hardens guide to London Restaurants, there is no need to ask someone for good dining suggestions anymore. You can just searched Hardens guide online and find just the cuisine you are craving for that day and go dine the same day.

The Hardens online guide for restaurants, is user-friendly and straightforward in providing just what you need - good food! You can enter your postal code or try limit by your area - to find good eats nearby; or if you are craving dim-sum that day, find the best and get yourself transported to the restaurant. I remember dining at Royal China so many years ago in Queensways and from Hardens guide to London restaurants, I found that there are so many other branches now around London. This guide would have been so useful if I had it earlier! I would have found a most convenient location to dine in.

If you are living in London or UK, or thinking of touring, try using this guide. I'm sure it will be useful to plan some good pig-outs.