More hotpots in Taiwan?

Oh yes, moving gives me headaches. Moving is not fun. You are right! How could moving be fun? The healing powers of ginger cannot cure me and my headaches, especially when the temporary move will be out of California. :( I will miss California - especially the weather. Of course, I'm not off to gloomy London though I've just written some good food around in London.

Well, it'll be 3-4 months of more hotpots in Taiwan. Frankly, the interesting night markets or street food is not making things any better. I don't look forward to the numerous scooters on the road. What spout of toxic poisonous choking exhaust from the populous scooters. I need to wear a face mask. I don't look forward to the dirty air around (so I'm going to stay away walking along the streets as much as possible) . I won't have Trader Joes which is just steps away from my apartment. I will miss the convenience and easy access in that. No more farmer's market for fresh local seasonal produce. I need to get use to that. Oh, you need to know it's not as easy to drive in the main cities in Taiwan, compared to cities(San Francisco excluded) around the bay area. First, you need to look out for scooters all around you. Second, you need to drive like a "road-bully" so that you don't get forever stuck in a traffic. We are not even thinking of renting a car to drive around to shuffle ourselves point-to-point. What!? No car! No walking on the streets! I feel soooo imprisoned !!! :O

Well, I've not stayed in California for donkey years long enough to justify the deep emotional ties I have with this country but I will not hide my feelings. The air, the space, the lifestyle, ermmm....and maybe the shopping, will be so much better here than in Taiwan. Comparing political, economic, social-cultural, and other aspects, this would take too much of my time to put them in perspective. I will do it when I sober up and get myself sorted. My thoughts are all jumbled currently, thus there is no sequence when I pen them down at this moment.

No place is a perfect haven. Just have to start getting use to it!

The cooking continues...of course! (I hope) :p