Stir Fry Linguine with Shredded Duck

Remember the mention of Peking duck and the ways to eat them. Shredding the Peking duck and stir frying with noodes is usually how some Chinese restaurants attempt to use the leftovers of the duck. I'm going to do similar with the "remains" of a Hong-Kong-style roasted duck following the attack this way, and this way. Back in my untidy kitchen in California, it went to a stir fry linguine dish for Presto Pasta Night. Quick and easy, using the flavors of a roasted fatty duck to make an otherwise bland dish tasty.

Stir Fry Linguine with Shredded Duck
Leftover duck, red peppers, scallions/green onions, bean sprouts, linguine cooked and set aside

Directions: Add in shredded leftover duck into pan at medium heat, fry for a while and there will be some "oil/fats" in the duck that oil the pan. Once the pan is lightly oiled, add in all the red peppers, and bean sprouts and stir fry till tender. Then add in scallions/green onions, and linguine the last. Serve immediately.

Does the colors tell you it's tasty?

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